Down to one car for now

On Christmas Eve night, I had to work as usual since I work at Walmart. My Husband meets me after he gets off from his work to surprise me and make sure that I got home safe. Lately on his truck, his battery cable has been messing up and make it where his truck will not start. So we had to use my car to jump start his truck, which was completely fine. As soon as we got home, he turns his truck off and tries to turn it back on to see if it will start. Nope!! Wouldn’t start at all, not even with a jump start.

So we’re thinking that the battery went dead. Christmas day comes and we used my car to go to our parents house for lunch, visited and ate delicious food. Then came home and relaxed and cuddled together. We also watched my favorite all time Christmas movie “The Santa Claus.” with Tim Allen. Saturday morning comes along and we go to the store to buy groceries along with getting a brand new battery for his truck.

He spends a couple of hours trying to connect the cables onto the battery when he also had to be at work at 8pm that night as well. Even with the brand new battery, it still would not start, so his truck went completely dead. Yesterday on Monday, we call the car shop for them to come pick up his truck and put it in the shop to be fixed. We just hope that it’s just a cable that needs to be replaced and that it won’t cost so much to fix, not too expensive at least.

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