why do women play games

ever wonder why women play games with men not the kind you wanna play

from expierence it could be there not interested and don’t wanna say or there afraid of a broken heart like  me for instance I fell head over heels for a women I just don’t have the heart to tell her shes everything I look for the smile the personality and the walk .

but she plays hard to get usually means a women like that maybe afraid of a broken heart

but again who knows I am trying to be with her but she wont let me in I’m a nice guy an average joe I work and take care of my self . women have a leverage and you know what I’m talking about. that’s messed up but we keep trying. The way I see it if you have to impress them there clearly not worth it. if women don’t like you for you there not worth my time…..when I try to talk to her I rehearse what I wanna say so I don’t sound LAME. but when I look at her all my thoughts get in the way. I often sit and wonder if shes ever gonna call.thats a big issue if you give out your number make sure you get hers in return.if they seem interested in you it will show if not you tried. often women play to see if your gonna give up. I usually go for about 5 times and if I haven’t succeeded then I move on..

matthew darling



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