why waste time and effort for awomen

if you have to present yourself for a women often to impress her  its not ok women should be with a person if they make them happy not because of money or for what they have.in todays society that’s what it comes to. women play games even in there late 30’s early 40’s like there still in school. if the relationship takes off then the man has to wonder if it gonna last or is it just a game. that leaves a big gap of questions. what is she doing? does she really love me? am I gonna end up with a broken heart? these are the questions us men often think when we get that feeling. or if we think were being played. from expierence its a head game no matter how often you tell yourself its not it is. if you have feelings forsomeone tell them. don’t hold back the sooner you tell  her your thinking of her the better it may or not be.i wish I could be with this women as she makes me happy and yet I only know her first name. love is great in one way and torture in another way but yet we keep trying. if a women luvs you  it should feel good not to wonder if its gonna end soon. when I was 15 I fell head over heals for a girl and it lasted about 1 year just to find out it was a dare….

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