Confessions of an Unsigned Artist

11:29 pm 


i’m watching one of the most romantic/saddest movies ever made right now. I have no true idea why I am. 

That’s a lie. I think I do, or I think I might. 

Today, I may have realized that I’m indeed my own worst enemy. Taking myself amid talking to myself, into the depths of torment because of the desolate darks I’ve been in. 

For some time now, an ache maneuvers through my body. It happens when I say something wrong or off from truth, and at times, when I’m doing ot thinking something that I should n’t do. The problem, that’s invited in the darkest circumstance I’ve ever encountered, is that it’s occurred amid moments that really were n’t harming me. So, in turn, I just started ignoring those signals. Well, when I really should’ve listened, I did n’t, and right now, it’s up to the Angels(if we really have them), my heart’s will, and dream power. 

The cool thing is that I still have faith in that. Amid all that’s happened, all that’s been taken away, and all that I’ve had to let go of, I still believe…

i have to write fast; my iPad power is fleeing. 

I found a muse for the time being, and started a song immediately. I realized there are lots of whores around me consistently, instead of ladies…

she (the lady in love story) just died. she was brilliant. Strong, fierce, and the oppressor in the romance indeed. 

God, I could write about this shit all night. So much has happened, it’s who I am now. I write. 

I had had a more balanced workout. I changed my shoes during the workout because the length of my pants look more appealing with high top shoes. 

The asian girl, who is not really good looking in the face, ignored me after I told her that I write about her. I beat her to the punch first. But typically none of my romantic pursuits via the gym or my hometown work…



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