New Year’s Eve

So I wore a dress. And no, it’s not so typical of me. I’m still not used to that, I don’t feel completely comfortable.

I didn’t wear it for him, cause I know he wouldn’t be here. He bumped us for the hundredth time, what a new. 

I wish he was here though. I don’t think a dress will make me beautiful (cause I don’t feel like that) but, at least, a little more presentable. And maybe, just maybe, he would’ve looked at me. 

I’m leaving in 3 days, and I haven’t see him in 3 whole days. I’m actually planning on moving here though, I’ll come back in two weeks. I just hope he won’t find anyone else. Or, I don’t even know. Trust me, I don’t know. 

What a sad New Year’s Eve this year. What a sad day, what a sad night.

What a sad life. 

One thought on “New Year’s Eve”

  1. Hey..
    I read all your journals. I like the way you write…
    Hmmm listen, if you really have feelings for this guy, I suggest you ask him directly (face to face or a text… doesnt matter). Be direct with your question… as in: hey, so the time we played with each others hairs and cuddled… what was that? I really want to know… then tell him that you have been thinking about him, but dont want to hold on to mixed signals. tell him you are leaving soon… and want to know if there is a possible chance for both of you guys to go on 1 date at least…
    Be direct… put that red lipstick on… and go for it! Afraid of rejection? so what?!
    You will get stronger…

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