Am I Ready ?????

YES YES YES …..   I am ready……  Happy new year , happy new me …..

I have been walking on egg shells far to long just to keep the peace around here and it’s just not fair for me to always let things slide so others can always have their way …… I deserve better and 2016 is my year ……

As I sat in my room today thinking about all the things I need to get done around here and going over all my bills I realized I’ve never taken time out just for me , to do something I want to do , it’s always been what my family needed or our home needed repairs , Now that its just me I think it is time to try my wings , So …….. First thing Monday I am staring a savings account 🙂  I’m going to plan a road trip , not sure where yet but I have always wanted to go to Vermont , there is an old library there that sits half in the United States and half in Canada ( more about that later ) Oh now I have something to be  excited about  YEA !  Well I do need to get some sleep so with that said …….

 Goodnight Dear Diary …..  


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