My first day of 8th grade

I had just moved from my old school( Benjamin Takers middle school). I was so sad because i new all those people since 4th grade and now i had to move. My mom said the new school was a better school but i didn’t care because i honestly hate change. Every time something changes it my life, its mostly bad. During the summer, i tried to get my self prepared because this was my first time going to a non-uniform school.

On my first day of school, my bus came late and i had to walk into my first class ( Media Arts) with everyone staring at me. Luckily,  a few people on my bus where coming in too. My teacher ( Mr. Krianer) was very nice and asked everyone to introduced them self. I as always was sly. The bell rang and we transitioned go my next was  Language Arts. This next class seemed very small with only 16 kids. The Teacher ( Ms.Harmon) asked us to go pick out books to read for the rest of the year. I honestly disliked reading and the class. The class was boring and so was the book i was reading. The students in the class room seemed to know each other except for  one student( Steven). Ms.Harmon had assigned me sitting in between to boys who were best friends. Apparently, i had forgotten to put on deodorant and i started to smell. I noticed the boys were talking about me and my shoes. I felt angry and sad at the same time. I began messing my amazing friends from last year. I  just wanted the day to end. I felt my eyes water up but no tears came out. I felt a hard lump in my throat like i couldn’t talk or breathe. The bell finally rang i went to my next class which was Math with Mr. Cromer. I sat bend the girls while the boys sat opposite from us. There we only 7 girls including me. The rest were boys. As the teacher talked about the things we would be doing  in class, i saw the boy mouthing to  the girls that i stinked and  then looked at me with a smirk and began whispering. I suddenly felt that same lump but harder in my throat and the tear came back. I didn’t want to talk to any one or do anything but go home. I already hated the school .  Mr. Cromer would sometime ask the student to turn and talk t the person behind them and the girl  in front of me acted as if she was being forced to talk to me so i talked to her nice and quick giving her time to talk to her other friends. The class was over and we headed to lunch. I brought my own lunch and so did a  few girls too. The whole cafeteria was felted with eight grades and i knew NO ONE. The girls talked about people i didn’t know. I just minded my business and that was the rest of my day. I tried to sit in the back in all my classes. Science with Ms. Wilson was easy. The last class of the day was History with Ms.Smith was  hard for me. She didn’t have desk but tables. It was 5 to a table so i sat next to a girl who seemed very nice and Hispanic. The boy came into class and the three boys who were making fun of me not knowing i knew sat we us. Every time i stood up, the boys would make a sound because of my smell and i felt horrible inside. The lump came then the watery eyes . The girl next to me ( Karia) noticed but didn’t say anything but had a sad look on her like pity. The boys spook very loud and make some sexually jokes that everyone laughed at including me. The bell finally rang meaning i could go home. I  went to my looker and hurried  to my bus. I went home and said hi to my mom and siblings. I  headed up stairs  to my room that i shared with my sister. I locked the door, feel on the bottom of the bunk bed and started crying. In my head, i kept remember  the way they laughed at me and my shoes. I wished i didn’t move. I didn’t want to go to school the next day but  i knew i had to.

I know that school started t=during August but i need to tell someone.

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