New Chapter: Day 1 of 366

As the New Year begins there are many things to think about as always… I think of what 2015 brought me.
I found the love of my life, Kaden Matthew Verdin-Cose. A 6’9″ wonderful man who betters me daily, even when I don’t recognize that. He challenges me to look at more then just the bad, to accept flaws, to be hard on myself, but to also see all the good life has to offer. He and I have experienced aspects of life together I would never want to journey on with anyone else, and I am truly hoping that he can continue to be that light in my life. I started my second year of volleyball playing all the way around, and there were definitely a multitude of struggles that stemmed from that. But the thing that I have learned the most in 2015 is that life is going to include the ups and the downs. Katie Reuffer once stated “I hope you are able to withstand the roller coaster of life,” and that is something that I admire about the life that I live. It isn’t all great, it’s also not all shitty, but rather a daily ride. This new year is going to bring so much joy, pain, laughter, crying, love and hate, but this new year will be a journey. My goal for this year is to continue to better myself; physically, emotionally, spiritually and with great people by my side. Hopefully I will continue to do that with journaling everyday. Here goes day 1 of 366.

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