New Year


As every year, we are waiting to welcome this new year with full of happiness and joy. I planned to come home early in the evening from the office to make some arrangements to Welcome this New Year.

While coming home, I realized that youngsters are busy with 31st night party celebration arrangements, families are buying new year cakes to have fun with their kids and parents. IT Employees left the office before evening to get ready to be part of social gatherings. A few employees are with New Year Calendars holding in their hands received from their offices.

Now, Time is 7 pm. Everyone in the office already left. I have to make a submission which is due two days back. I wanted to finish it off and go back home. I locked the office and hit the road at 9 pm worrying about whether I can get a good Cake from the Cake Shop near by home and is on the same side of my driving, and is the reason why I wanted the cake from it as I do not want to take U-Turn in this busy time.

Traffic police have started the patrolling check posts every corner of the city to ensure the traffic discipline and to catch the violators who create nuisance with their rash driving, driving on the wrong side of the travel lane. 

Already public notice were issue saying that flyovers should not be used and ORR (Outer Ring Road) is only for those who want to go to Airports and Liquor shops will be opened till 11 pm. 

On the other side, Govt. release a notice saying that Jan 01 is going to be a Public Holiday which is a really good news to celebrate the 31st night with full of fun and joy with dancing on the floor in pubs, attending musical concerts who arranged hoardings at the major junctions for the last five days to attract music lovers for their show.

I had to slow down the car due to the upcoming red light after flashing amber on the Signal, found another brand new car was also stopped in the next lane behind me. Suddenly, a hit sound came from the back of the car. Someone hit the car with two wheeler who could not stop it due to the speed that he is driving along with his two friends. By the time the Car owner is out of the driving seat, guys just took the U-Turn and ran away. The punch on the Car was really bad enough to take it to the heart in the evening which is about to fill with full of happiness and fun to welcome the New Year.

I could see that people are really in a hurry to reach their homes and be part of the celebrations of that night. 

The next stop was at the Cake Shop where no one is buying the cakes from the Shop. I thought by now everyone have their cakes ordered to their homes as it was already 9:45 pm. 

Cakes are placed on the table in a line of queue. The arrangement looks like they have prepared them just for to sell today night. It is like ready to buy with cake boxes everywhere. None of the cakes look good for me to buy. But, left with no option, I bought the Butterscotch even though it never look like of that flavor from look and feel. 

After back on the road, one more two wheeler is trying to overtake my car from the right side and he could not. So, he reached to the left of my car, overtook and then took a U-Turn immediately. 

In the next minute, bike with three youngsters are on the road but safe with no major damage. After having the bike on the road, someone with little baby had to stop his bike to avoid hitting these people. So, he made a sudden stop which led to skidding of his bike, baby is on the road, crying very badly. The guy immediately jumped and took the baby into his hands. All this happened in a fraction of milliseconds where I was waiting at that U-Turn. 

Everyone gathered, took the baby to check for if bleeding is there. People moved to the side of the road to give way to the approaching vehicles in that late evening. I am in a shock and confusion to know what is happening. Still, I do not know who is actually carrying the little baby. In that moment, I decided not to stay longer in this traffic with rash driving.

However, I do not have any plans to go out for this 31st night, and would like to spend time at home with my one year old kid. Hoping that the little kid is safe and happy to enjoy this new year along with her/his family and friends.

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