New years day- 2016 “That would be nice list”

I was fiddling about with the title for a while; I had a few up my sleeve like Bucket List, Goals, Ambitions, a few various others. Then I thought wait…these are too formal, too set in stone, too “Okay so I HAVE to do this now, if I don’t I’m obviously a big, fat failure! Nooooo” So I went with “That would be nice list.” It eases the pressure, it’s lighter, and if I don’t achieve everything on the list IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. It’s a happier, imagine someone knocking at your door, after you have just made a nice cup of tea, or coffee- whatever hot beverage tickles your fancy and a lovely, kind gentlemen offering you a box/selection of your favourite chocolate for free…. That would be nice wouldn’t it, actually that would be absolutely bloody fantastic! Maybe I should change the title to @That would be bloody lovely list” Nah, I wont, anyway that’s the kind of feel I want to go with. I’m working towards being a happy bunny, content with the present irrelevant of what that may be as every cloud has a silver lining and there is always a benefit in the situation you’re in (apart from the obvious severely super depressing circumstances- however even those are associated with blessings, every negative has a positive- this is another tangent altogether) so if manage to pull a few of my “that would be nice list” out the bag then even better- we’re onto a winner, a blinder!

Okay… So what would I like to happen this year, I still haven’t babbled you with the low down on the past 18 months as it kind of shapes the future of my writing, and I won’t need to continually waffle after every point such as “like when I got back from India I was practically the female Buddha, may of well have been levitating I was that calm, cloud 9, more like cloud 90- higher than a kite in space” bla bla bla, but I will get to that, this week, I promise, time just goes so quick! I was speaking to my mum, gave the house a good once over, had a chinwag to a few of the babestations (my friends) then before you know it 5pm smacks you in the gob! I also had to sort out my Indian visa which took longer than my mother logging onto to the computer, it took me 2 hours and robbed me 120 smackaroons!! So in a very long winded saga I will get to when I was at my peak when I returned from my travels 12 months ago but now let me enlighten you with my list

  1. Keep up with my yoga practise- I don’t expect to have my legs around my head with my toes up my nose by September however I do want to be bang into a daily practise including a hearty chunk of meditation on the side. I feel a million dollars after combining these two, why don’t I integrate this daily now? Something emotionally is holding me back like a stupid spanner, I need to just let go.
  2. A home where I’m at peace- I want a nice home, a sanctuary, my own little fortress where I can have my space to do yoga, throw my vision board up, design my room the way I want it with some beautiful art, quotes, inspiration and whatever is important to me. Create my own environment that I love and don’t have to move out after 8 weeks!
  3.  Wake up and do what I love everyday- I know you’re thinking, newsflash honey, don’t we all! But I want to follow my passion, what is that you ask… Erm, well, good question. I’m not 100%, but what I do know is I love drama, non for profits/front line charity work, yoga & meditation, any kind of positive thinking/wellbeing malarkey and making people smile  (Omg cheesy to the core I know but true.) The only tiny thing I’m struggling with is finding what I love and also earning enough money to survive in London and have some kind of life. I don’t want to be rich in money, but I certainly want to be rich in happiness which means being around the people I love and doing what I love on daily basis- money for the sake of having money, as a status symbol and as a measurement of success is the least important aspect to me by far. However that does not mean I don’t want to be successful.
  4. A healthy body- I don’t want to wake up looking like I’ve just fell off the New York Fashion Week catwalk like a stick insect who has been deprived of a good roast dinner, I want to be strong, lean and toned. This doesn’t come easy but our health is all we have. If you are what you eat then I’m totally f*cked at the moment as I’ve been eating everything in sight. I need to get those greens down me and be dropping squats like it’s hot. Yoga deffo helps towards this but I feel intense cardio and weights also needs to be thrown in the bag.
  5. A healthy mind- so this toned, strong, abs of steal, luscious legged and amazing toosh all facilities one thing- the mind. Our bodies are just a walking brain, our world, the way we think, act, talk, walk, how we decided to live our life is all controlled by our brain. This is the most important muscle in the body, everyone focuses on a body workout, erm hello- what about a mind workout, if that’s not on the ball then sorry you’re going to have a miserable future. To wrap this up, three things- meditation, food, exercise= a mind so healthy you’ll have avocados sprouting out your ears.
  6. Better relationships- some relationships I find difficult to manage, I need to become more patient, not retaliate by being defensive and accept that you can only change yourself, you can’t change someone else and then working with that
  7. Passing my driving test- I mean come on, you’re 27 for gods sake, are you for real, get your foot on that pedal girl!

That’s all I have for now, but I’m happy with that. I need to be more strategic and outline how I’m going to do this and be more detailed but that will come- I just wanted to throw it all on paper for now. Right it’s 11am and I feel like I’ve ran a marathon with a 6.5 basketball player on my back. Goodnight

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