The rest of the Month

 In these few months, i have had some improvement on school. The boys have stopped making fun of me and i was friends with all the girls. Karia is on of my good friends. The girls are all each other best friends and always huddle when telling each other gossip of as they like to call it “Tea”. I feel like i am never included. I am the odd number. Steven left to go back to Mexico with his mother. I am very friends with all my classes. I switched  classes from my B day  Music to Orchestra because my mom says learning instruments can get you scholarships in High School. I like Orchestra because most of the girls are in there so i can talk to them and make more friends. On A day’s my class have 3rd lunch with the rest of the 8th grades while on B day’s we have 1ST lunch with the rest of the 6 grades. During 3rd lunch, the girls ow leave me at the lunch table alone and go sit with their friends. I would follow but the table is full so i take my food and my books and i leave the cafeteria. i sometimes go to my math class and eat lunch with the teacher or go to the bathroom.  I know it unsanitary but i don’t want to look lonely even if i am. B day lunch is fine because the girl stay at the table and we talk. I had all A’s in the first quarter report card which is new for me because i usually have A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s. I got all A’s because i have no body to talk so i focus on my book work.



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