All I want for my birthday…

My birthday is on the 4th of January, and all I want is for all my friends to gather up, and also for my mum to stop asking me what I want.

I hate it when I get asked what I want as a gift… like seriously, its a gift, so surprise me! Just stay away from the things I hate (in which you know, since you know me). 

Im turning 23 in just a couple of days… and all I really want is something comic book related. Yes… if you get me a Deadpool shirt, I will be sooooo happy! Just one problem though… a lot of people around are thinking of buying me makeup. I love makeup… but thats just shallow. Its ironic cause everyone knows the geeky side of me who is into fantasy and comics, but yet, they still see makeup as the best suited birthday gift. 

Am I that shallow? Do people really dont know me? Honestly, I dont want anything… I just want them to stop asking me what I want as a gift… 

I want nothing… but thank you for making me realize that non of you really know me. Happy Birthday to me I guess…

3 thoughts on “All I want for my birthday…”

  1. I dont like telling people what I want for my birthday… If they want to buy me something, thats nice of them… as long as they dont ask what I want. I dont care if they buy me a pen, I would use it! I hate being asked this question, cause its a reminder of how the people close to me, are not close as I thought. It feels lonely like that… thats why I hate this question.

  2. I had similar feelings for years around Christmas. Too long a story to go into. But a few years ago, at Christmas, we went to a town on the Florida coast for a couple of days. Absolutely nothing in town announced the season. It was such a relief not to think about it.

    Maybe a couple days of break from your birthday routine would help, or at least clarify. You might miss your friends on that day, but it’s not a rejection of them; you’d be back soon; and they’d understand. Just a thought for you. – K

  3. Hmmm but I like spending that day with friends… its just that I dont know why people (friends and family) dont seem to know me. It hurts… cz I would rather get nothing at all on my birthday than being asked such questions.

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