Confusely, Honestly, Awkwardly (?)

So, here I am now, telling you all every detail of my situation, so maybe you can help me.


There’s this guy, a friend of my cousin, that one day just walked in the room and left me numb. And that same night, I don’t know how, we ended up cuddling and playing with each other’s hair. But he left without even greeting me, and left me kinda depressed.

We went out another night, he hadn’t texted me till that day or anything. We had a lot of fun and laughed and sang our hearts out. He didn’t greet me goodbye though, again.

We went out again last night. I was all like ‘he doesn’t like me, I’m just gonna try to ignore him’. But he started the conversations instead and asked me if my brother and I had to come back here in this City, and I told him so. (So stupid right? I’m moving here).

And, damn, we laughed and he sat next to me during our whole bowling game. Then, we went home and laughed some more and played videogames. Our hands touched a couple of times, and we kinda interlocked our fingers together once. Then, we layed down and he pulled me into a hug from behind, and we just layed there, body against body, his smell all over me.

He then layed in another position so I was behind him, and I held him tight and caressed him. Then, embarassing for me to say, his hand travelled down my body and I did the same (goddamn). He left at 6.30 in the morning and greeted me (at least) with a kiss on my cheeks and said “we’ll see before you’ll leave”.


But, ugh, I don’t know if he likes me or not. He didn’t kiss me or text me or, godfuck, nothing at all.

I don’t know what to do.


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  1. It is really difficult to say, not knowing him. All I can tell you is that there are people (not necessarily only men) who have problems with expressing or committing to emotions and act extra-weird towards people they are in love with. Kissing can be something very intimate, even compared to other sexual acts. However, I think in your case the line has been crossed and you should actively talk to him about it. Being empathically impaired is tolerable, but never even texting is not.

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