Fri, Day 1- New…what??

20160101_135134Day 1- New…what???

(Midnight)…..I’ve crossed midnight just listening to the firecrackers from window. Didn’t even see fireworks cause I was busy chatting with friends. 

(AM/PM)…….Celebrated Arabos Family Reunion at Aunt Emmie’s place.Mom was so excited to see her siblings after some years of not seeing them. Had an emotional prayer for uncle Flor and Gian’s fast recovery. Everyone had a nice time singing songs and chatting. I enjoyed meeting my grown up cousins and new nieces and nephews. When night came all my happiness faded slowly… Got a message from Vishal which we’ve been discussing for several months already. I could not let my emotions out til 10 pm where I had to call Grace. Somehow I still got to go to bed without mom seeing the fountain in me.–

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