I Hate My Body.

Seriously, today was bad. Badbadbad. I started off with a black coffee. For lunch, I had an organic apple juice and three rice cakes with yellow mustard. All in all, I had consumed approximately 240 calories. Not so bad. I get home, and find my mother is babysitting, and has a spread of all sorts of nasty, nasty snacks on the counter….pizza rolls, cookies, cheese cubes, spinach dip and crackers…I caved. I had 2 cookies and I don’t even know how much of the dip. I snuck a few cheese cubes…I don’t even remember what I ate. But I kept cramming morsels into my facehole like a damn animal. It was just so delicious I couldn’t stop myself. It’s my lack of self-control that has made me look the way I do now…I’M SO FAT. FATFATFATFATFATFATFATFATFATFAT.




I want my tiny twig-body back! 

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