January 1, 2016

It is the first day of the year 2016. Happy New Year everyone! For my New Years Eve, well I had to work during the day of course, and my Husband was off of work. I got off around 6pm, stopped at the gas station on the way home to grab him a beer (he drinks, but I don’t, never have honestly) to celebrate. I come home and he cooks me a delicious meal, plenty of food to eat after a tiring day from work. He made cheesy enchilada hamburger helper with a pasta salad. I ate so much I had to go to do a number two on the toilet, lol, I know, too much information there. Sorry guys 😛

He also peeled a couple of potatoes in slices and made fries out of them with our deep fryer. He such is a great cook, cooks better than I do anyway. Later after cleaning up, we relaxed, watch the News as usual to know what’s going on with the world, while he gives me a foot massage. My feet hurt and itch everyday when I come home from work. We played some video games on our PlayStation 4 til right before Midnight and watched the countdown. He popped a couple of fire crackers or whatever they’re called just to celebrate. Then after that, it was time for bed! So that was our New Year’s Eve Celebration for my Husband and I. Very relaxed!

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