Just a little thought

Honestly, I wouldn’t let somebody caressing me and being too close to me if I don’t like them. Is it only me?

What I’m trying to understand is if he likes being caressed by anyone or if the fact that he’s letting me so easily is because he likes me.

I know I’m being pretty paranoid about this whole thing. What you need to know is that this is my very first time in a situation like this. I’ve never liked someone I’ve first met in person. I’ve always kept in on the internet chat and relationships before now.

I wasn’t seeking for that though. It just happened.

And I’m sorry if this whole thing it’s kinda bothering you all but I really need to let it all out somewhere, somehow.

At this point, with no sign and only a day left, I don’t really seem like breathing at all.

2 thoughts on “Just a little thought”

  1. just ask him already… and no matter what he replies, you will be set free from some worries!

  2. What do you want, Rach-Elle? You have as much right to happiness, and are fully as much of a person, as he is.

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