Sat, Day 2–Looking for an outlet

-I woke up to a noisy sound of a video and found my mom and brother watching movie from his tablet without having breakfast.

-My friend helped me find some online sites of diaries and journals.. I used to keep my daily activities on my notebook but this time I decided to write my journal using pc. and made it public…..waiting for comments or violent reactions hehehe. Well, whatever…I just want to be out of my shell slowly this time 🙂 

-I had an emotional talk with Vishal. Can’t stop from being a crybaby again but the moment was an unforgettable and nice one….I’ll still be looking forward to all the positive outcomes.

-I decided to keep my old pairs of earrings with me…Hmm, now I know why I could not give it as a gift to my cousins when I was trying to give it away….so that was it… it would be for my sweet Avani then 🙂 🙂 🙂 —

4 thoughts on “Sat, Day 2–Looking for an outlet”

  1. Hmm.. I wonder what advice will I get then 😀
    Thank you for your comments. I never thought someone would give time reading my open journal. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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