Making 2016

Every year a plethora of resolutions are made. Fun Fact (that is very known): the most common new years resolution is losing weight. My parents are have made this resolution once again this year. Hopefully they stick with it this time. I dont know if i am going to make any resolutions this year. Every year i made some ambiguous goal that i know i can not make. Usually i find myself upset at the end of the year because the year did not go the way i wanted or i didnt make my own far fetch goals. I guess picking up journaling is a resolution, but i refuse to call it that so it doesnt feel like a chore. Last year was so tough for me ( for a number of reasons that i shall not go into today) that i wanted to change not what i do, but how i act. In the year 2016, I vow to be more fearless, more caring, less judgmental, more fun loving, and more calm. I keep myself on such a tight regimen that i forget that i am only 16. I am allow to make mistakes. I am allowing myself to make more mistakes, more memories, more fun. I am letting go of my expectations of everything: my friendships, my days, my life.  I am busting out my own shell that ive made in the past 10 years and living the way that in now of the running, flowing current of everyday life. I refuse to let anything or anyone drown me in 2016.  

All in all, I am making 2016 my bitch 🙂


Demi’s goal for me today is visit a new part of the world and be grateful. Considering that i live a comfortable middle class lifestyle, i can not just up and travel to a new part of the world. But i am very grateful of everything i have.  I went to the movies with my family and i was very annoyed at my father and expected to come on and rant and bitch about my father. But i cant. He has helped provided me with clothes on my back, a fairly good education (my high school sucks but whatever), food, and shelter. And no matter how much he annoys me, he is my father. Plus in 10 years time, i will most likely forget about what he did to annoy me. 

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