Sticks and stones
They should break no bones
but some say not all are that strong
Things can still go wrong

Big mouths
Their voices are always loud
Put your earplugs on
Pay no attention

What if they’re still noisy?
You know people can be nosy
You’ve got to have that thick skin
but that doesn’t mean you always let them win

Sticks and stones
Use the something solid and strong to break their bones
That might shut them up
but others may not keep quiet

They’re not worth it
There’s no point in throwing a fit
They’ve got nothing better to do
That’s why they keep on bugging you

Sticks and stones should break no bones
Those who throw are like dogs barking for attention
It’s up to you to give them what they want
or just ignore them – staying quietly elegant…


(Jakarta, 31/12/2015 – 00:04 am)


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