The girl I love♡

 There’s this girl, I love her more than anything she makes my life so much better when im feeling down , just hearing her voice makes me feel so much better she doesn’t know this yet but she stopped me from making a big mistake yesterday, I rang her just as I had the scalpel to my skin to tell her that I love her!  To tell her that I missed her, I got into a panic once I heard her voice  threw the scalpel and rolled a cig!  She saved me from cutting, just hearing her voice  saved me from hurting myself! She’s my angel, my saviour and I love her! 

3 thoughts on “The girl I love♡”

  1. You need to be more focused on the good things more. I love you more than anything just keep your head up and walk on. This too shall pass I promise. Right now is a bad time not a bad life. I love you

  2. I love you too in sorry you had to find it out this way ♥♡♥

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