A little bit more about my “that would be nice list.”

So I watched a video earlier, a really good one actually about success and working towards your “goals” by a guy called Mark Dhamma (total hotcake and really nice guy!). I won’t bang on about it too much but this guy really hit the nail on the head and was pretty spot on in terms of what you need to outline to be successful, the traits of a successful person and howyou need to work bloody hard to achieve it. Now there are three parts, part one is making a list of what you see as successful, so what is success to you. Part two is the motivation and part 3 is I don’t know- I think part 2 is motivation.. I’m not 100% but anyway I will be updating you, the video’s are weekly.

So good old Mark tells us that we have to write down what success means to us, in this specific format:


I, Kayleigh know when I’m being sucessful when… (then you create a list) So here is my list:

My thoughts  are positive and consistently pushed out by negative ones
I’m exercising more
I’m being more creative through writing and voicing my ideas with ease.
Doing yoga and meditation everyday as part of my routine without even thinking about it- BANG I’m doing it.
Not worrying about debt
Being able to treat my friends and family
Having the money to spend which will allow me to look and feel my healthiest- please bare in mind I’m not on about extravagant frolics to Harrods to get a make over, just enough so that I’m not worrying every flipping month and can’t afford to get a dry trim from Angie at the local hairdressers.
Bursting with energy, on a high, laughing and loving life.

Our Mark also said do a more and less list, what do you want to do more of and less of. Simple. So without sounding like a parrot and reiterating the above

More: Read, be a foodie- you know cook good food and love it, know what you’re doing in the kitchen and all that. See my friends and family.

Less: procrastinating, worrying, eating bad food and being hungover, lack of confidence wasting my time doing things that don’t serve me or have any benefit towards my fruitful future


So this video really shone a light on writing down what means most to you- I sound like a parrot as I’ve just realised I have already nattered about these things in the last post, but this is good as it gives me a greater understanding on my passion.. But we need to go to the juicy bit don’t we!- putting it into practise!! Then talking about how I’m doing it, the changes I need to make (many!) and how I’m going to survive living the dream on a shoestring. I’m getting my haircut tomorrow, can’t wait, it’s like a nest. 2 weeks till India, flippin heck- I’m as stiff as a board. Back to the studio tomorrow, it’s been closed with it being chrimbo.

More waffling and life stuff tomorrow

Love and laughs

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