Chapter 3 – On the subject of the girlfriend


The Witcher was standing on the stone path and watched me cutting reeds, since he was clearly not dressed for dirty work himself. My little family still had not moved to the new house by spring, however the generously sized garded needed tending to. It was cold and foggy on this day in early April and with each step my shoes made squishing noises. I had already cut my hands a dozen times on leaves or stalks or the blade of my shears.* Nevertheless, working in the garden as always lifted my spirits.

When I was done we went inside the still cold and empty house and took place on two folding chairs. I poured us some hot tea from a thermos flask and we had chocolate cake, both of which I had brought with me.

We talked… about books, about movies, about the absence of music in his life.** Eventually we came to the topic of work and he told me about having a new Master student working for him.
“Well, take care not to bang this one as well.”
He gave me a look of reproach.
“Oh, come on, at least let me have my fun about you and your girlfriend. Maybe it will help me to get used to the thought some day.”
“I think you imagine things the wrong way.”
I left it at that and changed topics, not wanting to ruin this nice chat.


A few hours later my curiosity got the better of me.
“Ok, now I am asking after all… What do I imagine the wrong way?”
He told me, bit by bit, with the occasional try to lead the conversation somewhere else, that after three months he was still more or less on platonic terms with the girl he was dating. On this evening I learned some things about their “relationship” that I had up till then avoided to hear. In the end I was actually upset about her treating him this way, meeting once a week and saying things making him believe she was interested in being more than friends – though out of confidentiality he declined vehemently to give me even a hint of what she had said – and then never letting him get close to her, without any attempt of an explanation. To me, this just seemed like leading him on. All this drama I had to live through! Only because of some bitch who could not make up her mind!?
He ended the conversation by saying that before going to bed he still needed to have a shower.***

To me, sleeping with each other was an essential part of being a couple, so this revelation changed my whole view on this affair – his so called girlfriend, though he had always been reluctant about that term anyway, was by my opinion not his girlfriend at all.


*No matter how often the Witcher advised me to, or the Knight made fun of me for it, I never wore gloves when working in the garden – until one incident this autumn, but that is a different story.

**He hardly ever listens to music, and when he does, it is something that more resembles a story, like The Rains of Castamere. To me, not having a kind of music you love is like having no soul.

*** Adding a *wink*. Telling each other about having a shower is kind of an inside joke between us. I had once put up the theory that a good indicator to find out whether or not a man is interested in you is when he tells you about being about to or having had a shower without any apparent reason, because he hopes you to imagine him naked. Over the course of my life I had multiple experiences confirming this.

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