Chicago in January

My diary for January/02/2016

The second day of 2016. It was freezing below 32 degree weather but the sun was out all day. I had to go out with my skate on since the sun is out. However, low temperature made it harder to skate plus the wind. I skated for 9.9 miles along the lake. Although it was freezing and my skating muscles are hibernating, it was a lot of fun. I don’t know if I can live without this. 

I finally had a good and long sleep today. I woke up after 1 PM and went out for skating. Back home around 3:30 then headed out to Everybody’s coffee again with my laptop. I stopped by here to grab Chai latte when I got out for skating. I have been here for over 3 hours now and got a lot done. My plugin update, entering skating events to, got dates for Chicago skating and updating content on I still need to do backup on this site and I’m not sure if I’m gonna feel like doing it tonight when I get home but this has to be done soon.

6:34 PM and it’s dark outside already. No plans for rest of the day. I will probably take off soon to home and grab something for dinner on the way.

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