Day with my Sister-in-Law

Today I ended up spending the whole day with my sister in law, Cindy.  She was the best to keep my mind off of things.  I do enjoying spending one on one time with her.  I don’t think we ever did it in the past because we both were listening to things my sister would say about each other.  We did a little resale shopping in the Metro area of Houston, farmers marker, A great healthy lunch, picked up a sander at home depot, and can’t leave out Hobby Lobby.  Sure enough I am just getting in after midnight.  I got to sit around this even and visit with them.  I hope I can keep a connection going this year.  We have been disconnect for a long time.  It is late and I am going to try to get up this morning to get to church as soon as I find one.  I guess I should of done that this morning.

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