Dreading Monday.

So this is how it starts.  I thought this would be a good Idea. I used to write in a diary many moons ago and  feel like this would be a good time in my life to start again…. if I can find some peace and quiet that is.

I was going to type in the living room as that’s where I was working on my lap top but my better half decided that he would play X box and the constant shooting of Titans is giving me a head ache. Not his fault. poor guy just wants some free time. Its been raining and I thought ” Hey why not”? Ill go sit on the deck, smell the freshness of the rain, the cool breeze to get my writing juices flowing… only to be interrupted by the drony rap music coming from my next door neighbours. To be honest, jury is still out on weather or not I even like my neighbours. They are relatively new.

So I have resigned to my bedroom to type. Sitting on my bed is not the most comfortable thing but this is what I get for not clearing off my desk.

So what brought on the sudden urge to start writing again? Getting a text message from my boss.

 Ive been thinking about it for a while. Ive been thinking about a lot of things for a while. Since the Christmas break I have contemplated life, money, family, work, school and every other aspect of life that one might consider important. Work is one that has been seriously stressing me out though. I’m sure there are many people who feel this way but I’m really dreading going to work tomorrow. I neeed this job so how do I turn it around? I never used to hate it. I used to love my job. and now I feel like I have had so much of me stripped away that I am nothing but an empty shell. I feel wrong for writing that because my boss isn’t a bad guy. He is actually a great guy. There is just something though that is causeing y anxiety levels to flare up uncontrollably and I need to figure out what it is fast before I burn bridges or lose my mind.

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