First Entry and Try at Hot Pot

So here I am. It is 2:17am and I should be sleeping right now but you know, I decided to get back into journaling….but this time….online. So I am dreading going back to school on monday. Christmas break has flown by and I am so not ready to go back to school. Just give me one more week….just one more. So I tried Hot Pot for the first time tonight and it was a challenging experience. Very delicious, sultry, succulent but messy. It was fun to try different foods, put them in the pot and watch them cook. Like a witches’ brew. The room was filled with hot steam where people’s glasses would fog up instantly as they entered the restaurant. I am really truly hoping I do not get food poisoning for tomorrow. I tried my best to overcook the foods. Unfortunately a lot of people were no shows. Yikes. Not a good sign. That is for sure. Alright….well I didn’t get as much as I would have liked done today but I will keep in touch via by hand or on here. Whatever I am in the mood for I guess. I might try this as a bedtime ritual? Would be lovely to get things off my chest as I do enjoy writing. 


Well I have always wanted to write….perhaps a book, perhaps just a blog….just something. I am an introvert after all. It is best to just get it done and get it out there in the open. My professor always told us that the best writers just start writing, and ideas start to pour out. This is how you become a better writer too. It is to keep writing. I shall start. I suppose. Since today is a new day. Start writing!

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