I hate school

Tomorrow is school and I am dreading it. Not because i hate education. i just hate the institution. It is cold, mean, and there’s no windows. Our clocks don’t work so time just drags on like slowly drifting in outer space. No rhythm, no rhyme. No place to go. I do love learning however. I enjoy increasing my intelligence and education but my teachers never seem to want to teach me anything. My AP bio teacher depends on a human behind another screen living in a place unknown to everyone to teach us. My AP Calculus teacher likes to believes that everyone already understands exactly what is going on and goes on way too fast so i can keep up. My AP English teacher is fairly new and very nice, but i am simply not learning a single thing in her class. I am just happy that i am not taking any classes at my local western class, so that frees up my time allowing me to spend more time studying for my other hard classes. I hate the education system. I have learned more about how to pass a test then actually learn.  Luckily for me, i don’t have to worry about any sort of bully at my school but I just feel so lonely and invisible at my school. Kinda like no one would care if i died…


Demi’s goal for me was to stand up for others today. I was going to save that i couldn’t do that today because i was home all day, but then i remembered stick up for my mother when the rest of the family was putting her down because of her unrealistic resolutions. If its just between you and me, her goals are unrealistic but she does not need her family putting her down and not supporting her. So I stood up fro her and i will continue to root for her even with these unrealistic goals because she deserves someone to be there for her. I will help her keep her goals and be there if she accidentally slips up. I love my mom. She is my rock and my ultimate best friend. But i guess i should save that for another day because i need to start getting ready for be. I have a long annoying school day tomorrow. 



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