I’m a stupid ass

So he suddenly walked in the house today, unexpectedly. My heart stopped for a while.


He just kinda ignored me though. He went home right now, 5am. I didn’t want to let him go, and now I feel pretty depressed. He ignored me for looking for sexy girls online basically for hours and then asked me to caress his hair so we just layed there cuddling. 

But, yeah, I feel so stupid and dumb. So now I texted him and asked him if I can ask him a question, which would probably be: so what these nights mean to you? 

I just wanna cry. 



One thought on “I’m a stupid ass”

  1. Being emotionally impaired is one thing. It can be tolerated. On some men, it can actually be quite cute. But looking at sexy girls online while ignoring you is rather rude and shows no class at all. What is it you like about him? I know, it’s none of my business, but I’m starting to form an opinion of him and it’s not a good one.
    Did you finally ask? What did he say?

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