Happy 2016 everyone!

I have just been looking back through my Bookmarked websites and found this. To my despair it was another journal website with me pretending I have an exciting life and talking about it like 1 million people are going to read it.

So I don’t know weather I have ever mentioned previously the fact that I think I am gay. But now you know. Only one other person in the entire world knows this , but I am letting out to the public because it is 2016!

I was going to write a whole paragraph about how hard it is but to be honest I haven’t had the struggle others have had because I have kept it a big secret.

I have tried letting on to my friends, like the following conversation;

Me: ” I fancy Ruby Rose so bad, it’s unbelievable! She is so hot,I would date her any day!”

Friend: ” Who doesn’t Fancy Ruby Rose! She has confused every person in the human races’ sexuality!”

And further looking into this I found out that she was right, who doesn’t fancy Ruby Rose.

My first girl crush ruined , I tried to move on. Here and there I saw someone who was pretty good looking and i would totally date if i kept my exceptions and hopes realistic, However nobody as amazing as her.

lauren x

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