Energy Leecher Beware

My spidey senses weren’t ringing bells in my head immediately… but I’ve begun to notice my big boss is a negative energy leecher. Yikes. Of course he’s completely unawakened to this fact and insists on being captain el groucho. Of course, I can’t even begin to explain this to him. It sucks.

At first I didn’t put two and two together. Big boss would arrive at work and I’d systematically witness my coworkers drop like flies. They suffered headaches (migraines – a result of excess negative energy in the area and stomach aches). I try to block my chakras before I go to work (helps keep me in upbeat) so I alone seemed to remain unaffected. Yesterday night I slipped up.

My shift was 2 – 8. I was my cheerful, perky self until 4 when Big Boss arrived. Within 15 minutes of him being in the building, I suddenly developed a piercing, eye crossing head ache. I even tried my “approach all things with love, expect nothing in return” mantra, but when I “hello’ed” and “how are you today?” I was met with angry silence. It’s hard NOT to take it personal and it’s hard to NOT think he’s got a problem with me… but I managed. If I do right by me, than I can not worry nor expect responsibility for some one else’s emotional state.

It wasn’t until I took a microbreak to drink some ice water and nurse my head ache that the theory “my boss is an energy leecher” popped into my head. For a moment, it was hard for me not to feed, but I resisted. Instead I used the crystal wall technique and my bubble. Within in a few minutes, my head ache was completely gone. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for my coworkers. I wish I could say something to help them cope with the situation… but how? Especially when I think if I do say something, I’ll come off as completely bat shit crazy.

So I alone, am the only one awakened and aware of this particular situation and I need to keep my secret guarded. That sucks. I’m just grateful I know how to keep my energy just for me! The key is to stay loving and positive and push it into the space in between.


In other news, I haven’t had soda in 4 days. The least nutritional piece of food I’ve eaten was a few handfuls of mini buttered flavor rice cakes. My pants are still snug, but my spirits are high.

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