Well we are on day 3 of 2016. So far so good I guess. Still not sure what is up with my guy, he seems to go back and forth. I sometimes think that my new outlook and attitude has him questioning my feelings for him. It shouldn’t, I still feel the same, just now I am not reduced to a emotional train wreck if we have an issue. I don’t know, I just now know that it will take care of itself if we both put forth the effort. If I can do something about it, I do otherwise I am learning to let it go. I am learning to be happy with myself and enjoy time by myself. Thought jusy popped into my head, maybe he is insecure about losing me and the way he has been is how he handles it? Who knows, right? I didn’t intend for this journal entry to be about him, but I guess it is. I wish I could understand him a little better. Help ease his stress, but I know that is not always possible. He has been under a lot of stress recently. I try to give him space and that seems to backfire sometimes. I can’t win for losing. Well all I can do is keep being me, like I said it will work itself out. 


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