Lazy Sunday

After getting up late today (8am) I made myself breakfast.   I am trying to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.  I got dressed and instead of going to church I decided to catch a service on the T.V.  I actually watched 2 programs.  It isn’t the same as taking my sorry but the temple. ( as per the bible)  I laid around with my pup for a bit.  She makes it so easy to be lazy.  My sister, who said I am dead to her, called to ask if she could keep my pup for the week.  I know it is strange but my dog just loves it at her house and she is so loving with her.  I would walk through fire for my dog so sucking up the way I feel about my sister so she can be happy for a week it easy peasy.  So I packed her up and off we went.  My father ended up riding with us. So we visited for a bit.( if you want to call it that)  On the way home I knew my brother,Jim, and his family was going to be on this side of town around dinner.  So Dad and I met them for dinner.  Now it is only 6:30 and I already 1/2 finished with laundry.  Know I have time to do a project.  Instead of just watching T.V.  I know I should but I just can’t get into the mind frame to do it.  

RC left his car here over the weekend and hasn’t picked it up yet.  I have a feeling he will be staying the night here.  I know he is going to wait until lasted tie possible before he comes over so he doesn’t have to get into a conversation with me.  Honestly I am not in the mood to even talk with him.  More like I don’t really have anything to say to him.  I don’t know if it is just a phase or if I am completely blocking him out of my mind.  Ok I know I am not blocking him our of my mind but trying to block him out of my life.  Only Time will tell.

So here is to my week without my dog. Although I will see her Wednesday morning when I drive to pick her up for her laser treatments but then she will be at my sister.  Then I will hit the WW meeting up at 12.  I am hoping that would be a good fit for me.  If not I will keep trying to eat healthier until I find what plan I will work for me.  I have my workout clothes and fitbit coming this week.  So I will be starting my working program this week.  I am excited but nervous at the same time.  I don’t want to fail.

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  1. Well, at the moment the people I normally did things with everything changed within a few months of each other. I had a dear girl friend moved away to be closer to her fiancé. My sister stopped talking to me, my best friend got a new lady friend, and 2’other friends are married with kids. So I am thinking maybe I can meet some one in the WW meetings. My mom will move back home soon. She would love to get out and walk with me.

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