Life as I knew it

  Life has always been good to me, with some more ups tHan downs, I’ve made it 21 almost 22 years. I graduated high school, married the love of my life, (after dating for almost 4 years) and now we are expecting our first child together, a little girl. I truly couldn’t be any happier in this moment than I am right now. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I’m sad, or upset, or where I feel like I could do better. Those days come and go but they don’t come very often. 

   Happiness is really the key, serving God has been my guidance and my help in life, and my husband being my best friend has really helped me. There are times when I think about the life I could be living if I never stepped foot into the church I now attend. What if I never met the man I am now married to? What if I never got saved? Where would my life be right now in this moment if none of that happened? The answer to those questions I will never know, except that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now.i knowiwouldnt be married to the love of my life,I wouldn’t be saved, I probably wouldn’t be excepting my baby girl. Thinking about not having the life I have makes me really sad because I love my life.

  Marrying Travis was the best decision I have ever made. We dated for 3 years and 11 months before we were married, on May 9th 2015. We knew right away that we wanted a family ago after about 3 months we decided to end the birth. Control and start “trying” to have baby. September 20th 2015 I realized that I was pregnant, but I didn’t test until the 26th. When I woke up I rushed to take the test and when I looked ad it was positive, I couldn’t help but cry, I was so happy. Travis hadn’t yet left for work, so I couldn’t wait to tell him, the thought of waiting drove me nuts!!!! We were both so excited it didn’t take long for us to share the big news with our friends and family. Life as we knew it was quickly changing and becoming very exciting !!

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