It is January 4, 2016. I am just going to talk about everything before today. I never went to elementary school so I stayed in 1st grade for 2 year’s. I hated the first year. My cousin would be mean to me, the class would be mean to me but 2 people, Damon and the teacher. The class made me afraid of what others would think of me so I barely talk unless nobody is around or they don’t and won’t know me. 2 year I stayed shy but got a lot of student of the month. I got student of the month every month but 2 months. (Say that 3 times fast.) Every year after that was normal but I had a crush or wanting be friends with in 4 garde and 6. I only remember the 4 grade one’s name, Canron. (I think that is how you spell his name.) Now it’s today. I have been watching YouTube videos on Tyler Oakley. 3 words to describe him. Happy, gay, and funny. I found out he made a book named binge. I want get the book so bad but don’t want anyone knowing I am gay. I could try to find the book at my school library. I am not going to be surprised if they have the book. They have real life, my journey to a pixalated world. If there is a way to send a message to me could you give me advice please.

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