Now You Only Bring Me Black Roses

“I can see your eyes staring into mine,
But it’s a battlefield and you’re on the other side.
You can throw your words, sharper than a knife,
And leave me cold in another house on fire.

I lay low, lay low and watch the bridges burn
I lay low, lay low. What more could I have done?

And I’m done trying to be the one picking up the broken pieces
And I’m done trying to be the one who says, “I love you dear but I’m leaving.”

Now you only bring me black roses
And they crumble into dust when they’re held
Now you only bring me black roses
But I’m not under your spell” — Black Roses, Clare Bowen

Its amazing when a song hits a core in your heart. After my mom died I felt lost…broken…this song reminds me of my dad. No matter how good I was it was never enough…I have to keep all of the emotions to myself push it down. I’m lost in a world of pain….I made this to get it out as opposed to posting it up on facebook or sending my dad a text message because it fixes nothing. I feel so alone…and when I do get a response I don’t hear from him again. I can’t fix everything I can’t keep torturing myself…when will I be free of the pain.

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