That Feels !

2015 has actually taught me so many things.

Recently, I had a feeling that I was in love. But that wasn’t true.Its again my fault for trusting someone.
But can we really stop ourselves from trusting others ?
My friends always complain that I trust people very easily but I just can’t help myself from doing so.
It happens on its own.
Many people were not worth trusting but I swear I did trust them. They left me. I cried. Nobody heard me. I thought there would be someone who thinks I am special…. But that’s fine. I don’t mind being not trusted upon.
The main thing is that I don’t like losing people from my life. And that too if you are the one I thought to be with forever.
But people did go.
I am still alive and happy.
I miss them. I know my life somewhere sucks without them, but I am Happy to be alive for me and for the ones who care. Maybe 2-3 people but I happy to live for them.

Yeah! So I trusted that boy, he didn’t break it but he turned out to be someone completely unexpected. I used to think he is different from the boys I have met till now.
As the saying goes “We get to know the real side of a person when we spend time with them” that’s what happened. Sad but true.
Initially he was very nice but then I felt like he changed. Maybe he had his reasons.
But I told him what I feel, then too all he has done till now is acting unexpected i.e changing to what I don’t expect him to do.
I don’t what happened suddenly, I should be happy about it or sad?

However, I have learnt that if I can’t stop trusting people, I need to be more strong because I know there are thousands of them standing out there to break me. I will walk away leaving the rest to KARMA.
But not everyone is the same. Some people are genuinely nice, but the problem is we don’t know where they are?
The reason I trust everybody is that we don’t know what the person standing infront of you has gone through or going through. I am no one to judge them, whether they did something right or wrong. Maybe that person was alone till now. So I don’t want these people to cry more.
I just want to be nice as a human being should be, so that in the end I will leave my body with pride 🙂

“Nobody in this world is destined to be alone” – Jaguar D Saul

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