Changing of plans

I know i said i will write everyday, but i am not figuring out that this goal for me is just impossible. For example, i wne tot school yesterday all day then i came home started homework then went to dance for 2 hours. After 2 and half of dance (including travel time), I had to get ready for bed and finish the rest of my homework. I thought not having classes at my local community college this semester would free up some time, but i find myself lazier than ever. I just cant find my rhythm for school and its irritating.  SO i may not be posting every day, but i will try to post at least weekly. Its clear to see that school is making me its bitch because its been two days and i am so exhausted. I have a very long story to tell you about my “best friend”, but i put aside my calculus hw to write this post so hopefully i will find time tomorrow to write that post.  I should get back to my calculus homework, but i think i am just going to go to bed. I am just too tired. 

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