Confessions of an Unsigned Artist (1.4)


The calm is truly a muthaf******.

Today went by rather fast. It’s remarkable how you can be thinking, talking, and interacting amid one set of thought processes and perceptions, while the warp of another encompasses everything you try to do.

I wrote some pretty sick yet free lyrics today without reading the affirmations attached to it.
I spoke with my attorney also. Besides the fact that my retort text was n’t responded like I like (which is why I hate texting), my concerns about the $2,5000 were as I’d diligently designed so. Let’s hope the rest of the relative details pine that way also. It has been so dark in regards to that.

This week was the first time I felt uplifted from the pains that have seemingly drained me for months. A lot of the sacrifice I made was for family. I even feel the dark I’m enduring is because I was too close to them. Being too close to negative not going anywhere people has not been good for me. Such may be why the day job task has been such a trek for me. The cool thing about it, is that it’s revealed how relentless I truly am. I am continuous, and I’m willing to go mad to rectify my success. Many times amid my existence I’ve estimated that such has indeed occurred. An online class I’m taking is hoping with that, or I’m just evolving amid light to balance the derogatory.

I’m worried about the gym tomorrow. Typically, I hate it. The people there are not happy. My workouts are really long; the 10 miles I run is only the beginning (literally). The women there that are good looking typically are n’t evolved, so it blends a tuned body (which my gym does n’t have too many girls that are that good looking) with an ugly inner. I have been running out of steam amid my workouts; eating after my cardio has helped.

It just feels like I’m doing all of this for no reason.

I deleted a lot more of the women I’ve been empowering. They’ve only engulfed me into what has seemingly been sad day, not so sad day, sad day, and so on.

The positive is that I have n’t considered death as much…until I think about lawyer stuff going wrong.

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