Crying, Caring and My Crappy Life

My name is Annabelle. Yesterday i did a test online to see whether i am depressed, i think i was expecting it to say mildly or not at all, but it turns out i am severely depressed. I am only 13, that shouldn’t be right. Anyways i decided i would start a journal and try to work out why i feel so shit. The reasons i have come up with so far seem to not be the real problem, i think i am probably lying to myself. The most obvious reason is because i am ill, not properly though, i have the kind of illness they can’t do anything about. I have been ‘diagnosed’ with fibromyalgia or ‘Chronic Pain’. As soon as i started getting ill my friends completely blanked me, in fact sometimes they would literally run away for no apparent reason and say they just forgot about me (i can’t run). I am in love with someone i shouldn’t be, i might say more about that next time. Anyway nothing has changed since i got ill, in fact if anything i have got worse but now i have to start doing PE again and i am bloody terrified, it’s tomorrow, hopefully i will say what happened, if i have enough time, and i can talk more about my crappy life.

Bye xx

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