God, please help me too :((

Today i found out that to get in top 100, high scores arent even enough. Fate is everything that defines whether u are there or not… This morning one thousand thoughts were in my mind mixed and seperated at the same time…firstly i was gonna pass another exam in Geography instead of history ..but i have too little time til June and i wont be ready enough to get high enough score..and also why did i learn History then? It meant i wasted my time..and it really killed me..i was kind of hopeless and desparated :(((

i want ! How i want to get in top 100…

I stick to my guns and i’m still  gonna pass history and score as high as possible..maybe higher ever….but if i’m in 100 or not it only depends on God..please , help me , please :(((. 

See how i work …(( and i’ll work harder even more and more…see that i do it myself when all of others pay money for preparing.. Please , please(((: help me.. I need destiny ..i need it as much as never before ::(( it only depends on you !! I will work round the clock , i will do all my best , i promise that and everything else i need from you :((( please God (( you are the only hope for me :((( 

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