What’s the point! Males are driving me crazy! They either make babies they can’t or wont support and then there are the men out there that cannot stand up and either say with they want or don’t want. I need a MAN not no male child that wants sex. Sorry but sex is great, I miss it but I want to say I want to make love not just have great sex. I need someone who is going to be open emotionally and physically. I need someone who is going to understand that I have kids and sometimes can’t get out. I need someone who is going to be able to get that I have 2 lil people that are my world and that take most of the rest of my time that I have left after work. I need someone who is willing to go the distance to prove they care. I need someone who is understanding of my life situation. I need someone that is going to be there to support me, and understand that I give everything I have to a relationship, but they have to earn it. I am tired of being treated like shit. From guys, “friends” and even family!!!! GROW THE FUCK UP!

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