The battle

As it has been for last 1463 days, today was a day when the bed did not feel like parting with “the person with ego”. Well, there was nothing to get up to; just a battle inside his tiny head. A never lasting battle of choice, between self and respect. Is there really a choice, when the options are “what YOU need”, and “what IS needed”? In such conflicts the only choice one has, is to compromise between, whether he wants to prolong the battle, or he lets “what IS needed” win. The victory of the battle with domination of “what IS needed”, is almost certain. Someday the person would not be stubborn enough to hope for “what YOU want” to win, and that day the battle would win, the person would loose and would fake the face; but that day is not today.

However, the bed is prepared to let him go now. the battle continues on day number 1464. Let us wait, the battle wins or the person with ego. Once more it is time to get up, paste a face, and face many faces of others.

Anyway, The day would conclude itself in its time with some work, some video games, and lots of people who need cheering up. So cheerio all


Image courtesy: Fake a smile by DeliciousDiagnosis

P.S. If the artist of image used has any problems with the usage, please inform me; I’ll remove it, or buy it (if affordable).

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