set it free

Chapter 3 – Freeing butterflies


Now I knew why the Witcher had been so cooperative in my plans to get him a girlfriend of my own choice. It was up to me to decide whether I was at all willing to set him free.

As is good and important with this kind of decisions in life, it didn’t really feel like a choice at all, with the right path being so clearly visible. I decided to keep trying to set him out with my friend. Sometimes I got angry and bitter about it, but I did my best nevertheless. If I truly loved him, all I should be interested in is that he is happy. That is how he feels about me, and difficult as I found it, being a more impulsive, emotional person than he is, I recognized the truth in it.
Love is to put another one’s happiness first.


In the end the matter resolved itself. Just some weeks later the Butterfly called and told me about being reluctant to meet the Witcher over coffee, as he had suggested, because she was not sure what he expected. To her it was clear that she did not want to be more than friends. I ensured her that it was the same way for him – otherwise things would have turned out rather awkward – and inwardly cursed him for having interfered behind my back.
Afterwards I lectured him about not trusting me. I am experienced in making people fall in love, though usually in love with me, so he could just have let me organize these things at the pace I saw fit.

 I recently learned that she got together with her boyfriend in summer, so probably back then she had an eye on him already and I wouldn’t have had a chance anyway. Some things are not meant to be. I am happy to say that she and the Witcher and still on friendly terms with each other. Nothing would have been worse than two of my most trusted friends not getting along.

So, after this failed attempt to find someone else for him, where did this leave the two of us? Just a few weeks before I had confessed my love to him and had then learned that his girlfriend was practically irrelevant.
To me, all these things did not change our relationship as much as my next visit to him.

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