Cutting Ties

Ever since I have a cell phone I have had my friend piggy back on my phone account.  I never really cared as long as he paid the bill. Most of the time he did. Other times I have to complain a time or two.  I would get mad if I had to call the phone company or go to the phone company even though he was authorized to use the account he always depended on me to take care of things.  It was like a tie we always had even if we were going through a spell of not talking.  But today I was told he wanted off my account so him and his new girlfriend can get a phone account together.  As long as I tried to push him to do it I never really thought he would.  It is just one more tie that is being cut between us.  I have pushed and pushed and begged for him to be more independent.  Just felt like a stab in the heart.  I think alway things would feel different if it wasn’t so weird with us right now.  I have to stop trying to take care of him also.  It isn’t going to change anything.  I can’t stop the rope of unwinding.  I am only work through the pain.

On a brighter note I was truly stoked that my new work out clothes came in today.  Ok more like my walking clothes.  I got 3 new outfits to walk daily to try to get more exercise.  I bought the shoes that came with the outfits but it is clear they were just for looks.  I will have to buy a good pair of walking shoes this week.  Then next week off to the doctor to tell me if it is okay to walk in the neighbor hood.  I can not wait.  

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