Dusk or the Dawn

Scene 1:

First person view of the narrator:

The protagonist “Mr. P” yells at his servant for bad taste of coffee. He is sitting on on the chair besides me trying to understand, what I am doing with the people responsible for his security. Set of equipment, a Desktop, My dell laptop, some stationary, spilling out of the table placed in front of me. I can barely see two security executives of Mr. P. while i was busy checking a mail on my phone, they tried to hack into my laptop and now my laptop is locked. We are trying to perhaps unlock my laptop (cannot remember properly why we all are here). This creates a tension between me and the executives and the scene changes.

Scene 2:

Camera is free floating;

A long orange red colored road of mud ends in a tall and strong looking gate, where Mr. P yells at the guards for locking him out. turns out the laptop hack created a fake security breach in the installed system, which now is refusing to recognize Mr. P and guards have locked him out. The Camera moves to corner of the gate, almost sneaking on Mr. P. Mr. P yells at the guard, then threats the guards’ superintendent. When the superintendent refuses to let him in, Mr. P gathers all his strength and slaps him. With a loud sound of “CHAAAAAAT”, the scene changes.

Scene 3:

A girl (possibly Mrs. P) gathers all the ammunition in the open JEEP inside a garage, while Mr. R suggests Mr. P to claim his manor for himself (I think, “well that escalated quickly”). and scene changes as the engine starts.

Scene 4:

The jeep is speeding towards the gate on orange red road Mrs. P gets up and starts throwing everything she got inside the gate. She climbs and goes inside the gate just before Mr. P rams his jeep against the gate. The gate proved its strength as it still stands tall. The camera now shifts to Mr. P’s perspective (now I am inside Mr. P. that means I can feel what Mr. P does, So now in narration I am going to use myself instead of Mr. P).  I get up, climb up the gate. while jumping down the gate I watch Mrs. P struggling with a guard on motorcycle. As I count 6 guards on motorcycle, I land on the ground and feel a loud “thud” on my head.
I now cannot move my body,
I try to figure out, “This was a sniper somewhere or someone just hit me with a log on my head?”
Am I dead,
Am I dying.
okay calm down let us examine ourselves here for a moment.
I don’t know whether my eyes are closed or open, but i cannot see, or maybe the way i see is not explainable.
My mouth is half open and i can feel a air hissing out of it continuously
Wait if air is going out, that means i m not breathing just exhaling, Can i breath manually?
No i cannot
Hey i can feel three things in my body, one is this air going out, second is my left thumb going stiff, and third is something strange in my head. Is it a headache? No, it feels like there was a headache for a very long time that i never noticed, it is going away. Hurrah! Does death feel this good?
No wait we cannot still say if we are dead.
How much time has passed since I fell?
Well no idea at all
Can i hear any voice? Mrs.P?
Does she  matter? No i cannot hear anything but the air hissing out of my uncontrolled open mouth.But now i cannot even feel my thumb or head anymore, hissing is also almost gone.
There is a relieving silence, then with a silent last hiss, My eyes open.

The bed, the blanket. Oh! was that a dream? Or was that a wish?
The old headache is now noticeable. I can feel my heavy head and my body is moving. Again!
I don’t know when I got up and sat on the bed. I cannot breath properly. Did I eat up all the oxygen in the room. I guess now I must get up and open the door, otherwise I am going to suffocate.
Do i really want to get up, or I want to suffocate?
Well perhaps someday, but not today. today is not the day when “the battle” wins. Today is not the day when I give up.

Hence starts the battle on day number 1465. The person gets up, writes his adventure, and thinks of today as he puts his quill down.

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