Miracle of a nature. This morning at 7 AM

As you already know since yesterday i’m extremely efficient and i really decided to be just the best version of myself each day.. It’s New Year’s days and in my house tv is always on.. We dont have other room me to study here..so i have to concentrate on a noisy situation…maybe thats why i make lots of mistakes in my test and it really gets on my nerves..it makes me down and think i’m not able to advance… But i know i can !!! 

So yesterday i decided to wake up early in the morning..even there is no light outside, get dressed and study in silence… As my alarm rang i continued sleeping for a minute and then got up. As i looked through the window i really saw a miracle of a nature… I’ve seen such a beautiful view about 6 years ago or more but even it wasn’t as perfect as todays..

the snow was falling very slowly, very sincerely, very beautifully and i could only see them on a light of a lamp( i dont know exactly how it is called , lamps which are in streets ) … Big, soft, white snowflakes ))): the ones i used to hate last year so much, the ones which brought painful life last February……

but today they were radically different, just perfect ones, sincere ones….and looking at them i  thought how could one not to like snow..winter..mornings and studying ???? How much i missed in the time while i was sleeping in past days…these kind of miracles are only seen at night , it cant live in the light of a day ))): 

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