Here we go again,
back to how it all began
Another night out together,
as she wondered what you were really after

This ain’t love, for sure
This is also not a cure
Loneliness has no quick fix
She’s still wary of any possible tricks

Who – and what – are you?
She’s still questioning what’s really true
Ever since you stepped into her sheltered world,
she’s no longer that same old girl

This ain’t love,
yet you’ve got her attention enough
She’s not as fragile and docile as you might think,
for she refuses to be a puppet on your string

To you, she may appear mostly still and silent
but her mind has gone noisy and chaotic with questions
Once again, she’s slowly failing her own world of order
When will it ever be restored?

This ain’t love,
so it shouldn’t be this tough
A strange, more unlikely attraction,
or simply infatuation?

You won’t stay long,
so she makes sure this won’t go ‘too far wrong’
This ain’t love
No, it ain’t
Once you’re gone,
she won’t feel any pain
She’s going to stay just as sane

In the end,
it’s all the same
She’ll survive being all alone again…


(Jakarta, 6/1/2015 – 9:00 pm)

A bleeding heart

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