I found out one of my girl friends is bisosexual and that made it a whole lot easier to say I am gay and I want to say it but it just won’t come out. It is on the very tip of my tongue but nothing is happening. Not only I want to say it but at least she knows I like her as a friend and NOT love her like I got a crush on her. Sometimes I just want to yell I am gay so everyone can hear me and just get it over with and not have to hide such a big secret the next ten years I live.

 My mom said and promised that she would do to things and it is getting on my nerves that she broke both. 1st promise was that if I waited for the weekend to be over and I would get a pre- ordered game. 2nd was that she would get me the book binge by Tyler Oakley. But she never did. I hope she does it soon. Or at least she thinks about it very very hard.

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