2 doors

The office building seemed normal enough. You shrug off the feeling of dread as you enter the doors. There’s no receptionist. Simply two doors. One is green, the other orange. Which do you take? Why are you there? What happens next?

As soon as I walk into the orange door I see a gorilla. At the sight of the big animal I get frightened, so I turn to go back through the door but it has disappeared. Then the gorilla walks up to me and tell says “hi my name is Rick and you are now in the world of the jungle. This is where the animals rule over the humans. Where you come from the animals are kept as pets, but here the humans are. Now that I have said that, I want to let you know that I am your owner. Do not worry I have one other human to so you will not be lonely. So what is your name?”

Confused and shocked I say “my name is Tyler”. 

“Welcome Tyler come with me and I will show you to your new home.”

So as we started walking through the forest I see many other animals with humans. Looking at many kangaroos, tigers, bears and so many other animals, I was surprised to see that animals really controlled us. Then we arrive at Ricks house. We get there and he introduces me to the other human named Linda. She was very beautiful with long blonde hair. She shows me around and explained all the rules to me. Then we lived like normal pets.

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